The project
300 pages, hundreds of pictures

Journalism in pictures.
6 mois reconnects journalism with photography. twice per year, the public’s appetite and the astounding energy of the authors meet. with 6 mois, photography regains meaning.

Viewpoints from the world over.
this century is young. it creates itself in brazil, indonesia, china, egypt. it is being told. 6 mois’ authors are chinese, ecuadorian, russian, belgian, canadian, somali, american, french…

A magazine for the entire world.
other countries in europe, north america, but also in latin america and asia will join us as issues go by. texts will be translated, contents will remain the same, and publishing will be simultaneous.

No advertising, no sponsoring.
to exist and develop, 6 mois does not count on advertising nor on sponsoring, but simply on the readers.

NESSUNO[press] have exclusive for Italy to sell Magazine 6 Mois, The only way to get it is to join the association through the cards available. 

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association CARD 50mm - € 40,00 1 issue of the journal of your choice shipped all over Italy with a contribution of 1.50 €
association CARD 400mm - €70,00 2 issues of the magazine of your choice shipped all over Italy with a contribution of € 3.00

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Below is a list of available numbers in order while stocks last.

  • Frozen Promise: photography Justin Jin
  • Mammoth hunters: photography Evgenia Arbugaeva
  • Siberian exiles: photography Elena Chernyshova
  • After the war
  • The president hotel: photography Laurent Weyl
  • The great escape: photography Clara Vannucci
  • Theatre for life: story Marion Quillard
  • The autistic triplets: photograpy Josè Delamadrid
  • The murmurs of Bisesero: photography Benjamin Loyseau
  • Tales of bales: photography Rena Effendi
  • Bruce the Kid: story Judith Perrignon
  • In the hands of babes: photography Lewis HineTo my daughter: photography Jeon Mong-gag


  • Tolstoy Street: photography Michael Heck
  • Black Bling-bling: photography Per-Anders Pettersson
  • "Art bores me"
  • The crusaders of good: photography Corentin Fohlen- Romanian Castles: photography Petrut Calinescu- Classroom Portrait: photography Julian Germain
  • Peaceful days in Kabul: story Jean-Pierre Perrin
  • Boy and girl cousins: photography Stéphanie Tétu
  • Death in the skin: photography Miquel Dewever Plana
  • Interview with Fernando Molerer: "Photography is energy": story Ima Sanchis
  • The four season of the laplanders: photography Erika Larsen
  • Young mothers of Naples: photography Stephanie Gengotti
  • The future frozen: photography Murray Ballard
  • Picnic with immortals: story Guillemette Faure
  • Marisol: photography Janet Jarman
  • The afronauts: photography Cristina De Middel
  • Dreamy: story Samuel Douhaire
  • Germany: the awakening of the west: photography Josef Darchinger
  • Sisters of the woods: photography Nadia Sablin

  • The queen of Versailles: photography Lauren Greenfield
  • Scott's war: photography Craig Walker
  • The city of champions: photography Mary Beth Meehan
  • Interview with Yuri Kozyrev: "I live where things are happening": story Alla Chevelkina
  • School for monks: photography Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone
  • Prisoners' Isle: photography Espen Eichhoefer
  • The gallery slave: photography Zeppelin
  • "Either you risk your life, or you die of hunger": story Shaheen Dill-Riaz
  • Three girls in Beijing: photography Elisa Haberer
  • The balled of Spancil Hill: photography Kenneth Ohalloran
  • Dilma the brazilian rebel: story Michel Leclercq
  • South Africa in blacks and whites: photography David Turnley
  • Families that play together, stay together: photography Alain Laboile 
  • Black gold, white collars: photography Christian Lutz
  • My name si Filda: photography Martina Bacigalupo
  • "Now, I exist for the world": Story : Anne Chaon
  • Kitchens and outhouses: photography Guillaume Bonn
  • Interview with Gilles Peress: Photography : Michel Guerrin
  • All for their eyes: Photography Jacques Vekemans
  • An iranian childhood: Photography Mohammad Golchin
  • Hard-Luck harbour: Photography Patrice Terraz
  • Brothers of the road: Photography Claudius Schulze
  • Elizabeth II: the role of a lifetime: Story Denis Hiault
  • China red: Photography Weng Naiqiang
  • The children of Israel: Photography Vardi Kahana
  • The Cossack girls: Photography Anastasia Taylor-Lind
  • Cecilie's choice: Photography Mads Nissen, Story Judith Perrignon
  • Bedside ladies: Photography Roberta Valerio
  • Interview with David Goldblatt: “Paying attention to detalis": Photography: Michel Guerrin
  • Jamestown fishermen: Photography Denis Dailleux
  • A comma of sand: Story Patrick de Saint-Exupéry
  • Somerset: Photography Venetia Dearden                
  • Drug prison: Photography Lu Nan
  • New York vanities: Photography Chris Maluszynski
  • The two cousins: Photography Alessandra Sanguinetti
  • Photobiography: Vladimir Putin, the masked man: Story Jan Krauze
  • The Farewell to Bobby: Photography Paul Fusco
  • My parents: Photography Alain Keler
  • The blue jean brigades: photograpy Justin Jin
  • Concunines: photograpy Axelle de Russé
  • Chinese Africa: photograpy Paolo Woods
  • Interview with Laurent Van der Stockt: photograpy Michel Guerrin
  • Julie: Story Darcy Padilla
  • The Julie project: Storu Emmanuel Carrère
  • For the love of tango: photography Karla Gachet & Ivan Kashinsky
  • A british education: photography Christopher Furlong
  • The aviation camp: story Oliver Laban Mattei
  • The paradise of allowed fruit: photography Nedima Berder
  • Gerry Adam, arms in peace: story Sorj Chalandon
  • The colours of the russian empire
  • By my river: photograpy Larry Towell