Laura Predolini
Laura Predolini was born April 18th, 1967 in Brescia where she lives and works.
In the nineties Laura discovered her passion for photography during her travels in Asia. In 2006 during the Olimpic Games of Turin she had the opportunity to broaden her photographic technique. She started a collaboration with hair stylist Franco Curletto which brought her to the Milan and Paris woman fashion shows. Laura took part in several personal and collective Italian exhibitions. Her style is inspired by the concept of real life “stolen” pictures taken without looking inside the view-finder. Her shots are aimed at catching a precise single moment in its authenticity. She likes to take her pictures in an urban-metropolitan environment. In fact, she loves to spend her spare time at the railway stations or in the streets trying to catch the human landscape. She photographed the last two editions of the Paralympics and shown her work in a lot of exhibitions. In the 2010 she made a first photographic book “Face the Fight” with Emanuele Broli on Vancouver's winter Paralympic Games. In 2013 she published with Emanuele Broli and Marco Ciccolella the second photographic book “Rise again” a reportage on London's Paralympic Games.

Entri subito in sintonia perché Francesca è così come la si vede negli scatti: disponibile, solare, positiva, sorridente, felice di quello che sta facendo, carica al massimo per la nuova avventura di Sochi...
Paralympic Games London 2012
Mer 29 Agosto 2012
The project was born by Laura and Emanuele with previous games of Vancouver 2010 and Beijin 2008. The idea is to spread this sport outside of the Paralympic Games. Athletes are people who work, engage, fight, suffer, compete, win and lose.
TANGO in red stone quarry
Sab 18 Giugno 2011
A photo’s portfolio is set in the inusual scenery of Rezzato’s quarry (Brescia), photo-set for same tango dancers who extemporized in this place their sensual dance. The photography captures the intensity of their looks, their steps and the articulated dancers’ poses without their lens isolating their bodies from the landscape around them
These are a series of photos that show the work of a baker that everyday bakes the bread for his customers, always fresh and fragrant. Many hours are spent to knead and bake fresh bread. This will be documented for a testimonial of hard work that now has been abandoned by everyone.
Mer 18 Giugno 2008
“Ants, snakes or butterflies. All move in different ways but in the same direction.In a trip that is exciting and pains us but it belongs to us, always. The railway for the lost and to meet. In the station you can spot farewells, goodbyes, hugs and loneliness and daily life. The careful eye of Laura explores, discovers and unlocks the frame of mind. You can feel the reflection of the girl that drags or is draged from the heavy bag and her noisy steps while she is guided her to someone that is waiting for her or accompanies her.